GoGet Room Sync Plus (11''), incl 3-year license (Room Display 5)


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With the all-new 11.6-inch Room Sync Plus, we have produced one of the most comprehensive meeting room display systems available today – equipped with extra everything. From the inside out, this new meeting room display is equipped with some nice features that will make the day at the office a little easier and more joyful.

Goget’s Signature Design DNA. Room Sync Plus isn’t just another black plastic block hung on the wall. We have put some extra attention to detail, to make the unit not only look nice, but also solid and worthy to the rest of your office decor. If you are looking for that something extra, Room Sync Plus is the right choice.

12 meses de garantia

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A BroadNeeds é representante oficial GOGET no Brasil, tendo implantado cases de sucesso em grandes empresas no Brasil. 

Produto com licença de uso de 3 anos do software GOGET na nuvem. Após 3 anos, será necessária a contratação de mais um plano de 3 anos. Consulte.