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Placa de Captura de A/V Profissional Viewcast Osprey 530e com Simulstream

R$4.863,65 R$8.843,00

The Osprey 530 is a high-performance analog and digital video capture card engineered to interface seamlessly with high-end broadcast gear for maximum performance, flexibility and reliability.
With its combination of analog and SDI digital inputs and its versatile audio input options, it is ideally suited for live or on-demand video capture and live streaming encoding applications, including delivery to mobile devices. It also serves government entities well for applications like streaming open meetings.
This product blends the functionality of the Osprey® 530 with the capabilities of Digital SimulStream®. The result is a high-performance device capable of streaming from digital or analog inputs, in realtime, to multiple media formats using software codecs

Garantia: 12 meses (verificar condições de garantia estendida) 

Mais informações: http://www.viewcast.com/pdf/datasheets/datasheet_osprey_530.pdf