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Placa de Captura de A/V Profissional Viewcast Osprey 460e

R$5.199,00 R$8.188,00

The Osprey® 460e is a four-channel audio / video capture card designed for broadcasters, government entities, digital signage integrators, and global OEM system integrators. This PCI Express® capture card can input composite video and unbalanced audio. The Osprey 460e can process four channels of full-motion (30 fps) video and audio from four NTSC or PAL analog sources. Multiple cards may be used in a single system chassis.
The capture card has optional support for S-Video and component video and balanced stereo audio input. This input requires and is compatible with the Osprey 450e A/V option (Part Number 95-00459), Osprey 450e Balanced Audio Panel (Part Number 95-00462) and/or Component Video Panel (Part Number 95-00463). 

The Osprey 460e supports Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. (Linux drivers and support available from the open source Linux community). Also available is the Osprey 450e/440 Breakout Panel (Part Number 95-00460) to bring out the composite and unbalanced stereo audio to a 1RU panel. This product is not field upgradeable to SimulStream®.

Garantia: 12 meses (verificar condições de garantia estendida)