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Placa de Captura de A/V Profissional Viewcast Osprey 100

R$699,00 R$1.199,00

Single-Board Video Capture Subsystem for PCI bus, Windows/Intel systems The Osprey-100 is a 1/2 slot PCI bus card for capturing full-motion (30 fps) video from a standard NTSC or PAL analog video source - now with Logo/Bitmap overlay/blend capability. Driver software supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/7. The Osprey-100 is compatible with popular media applications that support DirectShow (VfW and WDM). Captured video may be saved (uncompressed) to disk or displayed on the system monitor. Four video inputs are provided, three for composite video and one for S-video; software controls which single input is active at any one time. Multiple cards may be used in a single system chassis. Color formats that are supported include grayscale, 8-bit color and RGB color.

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