Touch Player Dual Core - 2a. geração - Android 4.0.4 - LIQUIDAÇÃO DE ESTOQUE

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The iDISPLAY - miniPlayer - Android Touch Player with integrated Pulse Technology is an Android media player that can support touch-screen monitors and traditional digital signage networks.  Solid-state, compact and light, this innovative player provides a wide range of interactive features to enhance consumer engagement. iDISPLAY Touch Player allows you to convert any size touch screen into a fully functional Android tablet*.
Play your media, content and applications on any screen size from any location in 1080p full HD.  Connect remotely to update and track performance, capture data and create analytics.

BroadNeeds can help you by selling the complete line of iDIsplay Products, givind Technical Support and Warranty, and also by providing Nucleo Media CMS and developing interactive applications for your business, managed by Nucleo Media CMS.

2a. geração - Android 4.0.4

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